When I came to see Dr. Larry, the doctors had found lesions and cysts on my ovaries and I was in a lot of pain.  I was being referred to an OBGYN. Between sessions and my “homework” the second ultrasound found no evidence of anything being wrong.  Better yet, the pain is gone!  Thank-you for teaching me that I can use faith and will power to take control of my body. Karen Palmer

I had been suffering with a swollen lower left calf after a yoga retreat in October of 2012. My leg would swell on a daily basis to the point that it would fill my pant leg. I went to see my doctor who ordered an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. The results came back negative.  In March of 2013, I went to Johns Hopkins Hospital for an executive physical. I returned home and was still having the issue. I made the appointment and saw Dr. Larry.  I got some acupuncture and my third acupuncture session was not required.  Dr. Larry Trott’s holistic therapies gave me the relief that modern medicine could not.” – Suzie Arruda, Executive Assistant

I heard about Dr. Larry from a health food operator. I wanted to know more about a product to help my asthma – Clear Lung Formula. I just so happened to be having breathing difficulties the same day that I bought Clear Lung and saw Dr. Larry. I told Dr. Larry that I didn’t want to take my prescribed inhaler pump or pills anymore and that I wanted to be healed in a more natural way.  Dr. Larry listened and then proceeded to show me some breathing exercises.  These exercises helped to clear my airway passages and this amazed me as I had been seen at the hospital two nights prior.  I’ll tell anyone that the Clear Lung Formula and practicing the breathing exercise techniques for just under three days completely cleared my lungs.  I would gladly recommend Dr. Larry to all out there whom seek body, mind and spirit help.  Beatrice Butterfield, Entrepreneur

Dear Sankofa:  I am writing to commend you on your work and skill.  I have been a martial artist for many years and have studied meditation with some great masters.  I have found your work to be liberating, precise and beneficial.  Over the course of time, I have employed many different techniques to still myself and develop my chi level.  Your techniques are simple, but so effective and have made major changes in my life, both physically and  spiritually.  I would encourage anyone to be treated by you or to take your courses.  I want to take this moment to thank you and bless you for your wonderful work.  - Dorran Dowling (Tai Chi/Chi Gong Instructor and Massage Therapist)

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